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Asian Markets and How to Hide Secrets

This is a late post and this is going to be more of a ramble then anything. This New Year has been about me and improving myself as a person and an individual. With that being said I wanted to surprise my wife with my improvement. Though it has been a difficult road so far, as we never really keep anything from each other. The troubles of having a trust worthy marriage. (Puts back of hand on forehead and sighs.) But it has been a struggle as we don't really do anything without the other around or knowing where they're going. My lies have been weak but believable, but it's now getting heated.

We are actors and singers, she is terrific! I on the other hand am mediocre at singing and have been secretly improving myself every Monday. I was clever enough to schedule my lesson before she got home, though one day she almost caught me as she had a surprising day off! (Snowed In) She was recommended not to drive into work as she has to take a major highway that's a forty-five minute drive. So, needless to say it was not safe.

A delight at first, stay in together, go back to sleep, and enjoy each others company. But as the hours passed I began to realize that I would be caught! (DOOM DOOM DOOM)

What could I do to get out of this predicament? I can't say I'm going to work, I already have Mondays off. I can't say I'm going to the gym, I already bragged about going this morning. Then is dawned on me. I'll say I'm going grocery shopping!

She might want to come with me though? Damn it! What do I do? I figured it out everyone. I told her I was going to the Asian Market! I took her once, though she may love the food, she hates the smell. Some people can it, but some just can't take the smell before cooking it.

So I proceed to tell her and like I thought she wanted to follow and come with me. With gusto and confidence I told her I would be going to the Asian Market. Her face twisted and morphed into discuss but with a sense of hunger behind it. (She doesn't like the smell but she loves the taste.) She choose to stay, foolish wife.

I proceeded to go my voice lesson and on my way back pick up some Kimchi to throw her off my trail. Moral of the story if you have to do things in secret, say your going to the Asian Market to your non-Asian wife. You can get away scoot free and no one will be the wiser.

P.S. sorry for the abrupt ending I wrote this in one sitting and I was buzzed while writing.

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