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My First Post in 2019

I Made a Blog


My name is Justin Dela Cruz and I am a writer. Very simple and straightforward right? Well that's my own style of writing as I don't like unnecessary fluff in my own pieces. I originally made this blog back in 2017 but never really did anything with it do my high insecurities. Well it's now 2019 on the crux of the holiday season and here I am posting to get the butter flies out and get to writing what I want.

Why Did I Start This Blog?

After moving to New Jersey with my wife I found myself in a depressive slump after saying goodbye to my friends, leaving a great job, and closing out a show I dreamed of being a part of, I felt hollow. On one of my days of trying to roll out of bed I kept thinking of all the half projects I've done this blog floated to the top of my mind. I wanted to start over and actually use this blog for something. So here I am and I'm ready to start all over again.

What Will This Blog Be About?

To be honest it's going to be about me. I've spent the majority of my life worrying over others, writing about someone else, doing things for others that I thought it's time to focus on me. So it will cover thoughts, gossip, movies I love, movies I hate, or whatever I want to cover.

Why Should You Read?

To be honest if you found this website you're probably one of my friends who loves me and wants to show your support, which I appreciate. But for the few who have stumbled upon me by accident I would like to say, WELCOME! These are my inner thoughts refined and edited to my standard of quality, which is going to be pretty low right now. I want to share my stories so others don't feel alone, that they have support, can get some advice, or start a conversation if they need one.

Well that's about it for this post. Don't expect perfection but expect me as genuine as can be.

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