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Welcome to my world!

The title is very original, don't you think? Welcome to my very first blog and to my very first post. This blog will be me detailing my life and sharing some lessons I have learned in my short, or long, life.

A bit of honesty with myself and with you, I am a person of duality. How I define that is someone, me, who looks at the world through not only his point of view but through others. This keeps my mind open while also keeping me accountable for the things I say and think.

During some controversial topics that I like to think about, I will be going over both my personal view and what I think is right. Then compare it with other popular ideas and see where their logic falls. Hopefully we can reach an understanding and enlighten ourselves a bit.

But it won't all be political views and social issues, I am HUGE NERD, so nerdy topics will be abound. Ever since I was a young lad I was a boy who fascinated with the magical, the fantastic, and the strange. So expect movie reviews, comic theory, and how nerdy life can find itself useful as an adult.

I hope to share more stories, ideas, insights, and views with you and I hope you stick around to find out more.


Justin Dela Cruz

P.S. I'm also very old school apparently so you better get used to this kind of outro.

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