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Being ADHD is like being a human auto correct.

When I was a kid and even today i found myself puzzled by the things I have to say.

I always like to correct people but I also fill in their blanks, but most of the time I'm met with a sarcastic "Thanks."

I can't help it, it just happens. It's not that I am correcting you but something in me wants things to go by faster. I have a internal pace that is always cranked up high. If the rhythm gets thrown off, internally I'm upset.

So why the comparison to auto correct? Well, if auto correct had feelings or had a personality, we would be the same or very similar. Always just wanting to help, to get things done faster, and most of the time annoying to others. Maybe it's just me and my low self-esteem but I have had conversations with other people with ADHD and it's so amazing how in sync we can be. What takes other people an hour to talk about we can get to in a matter of half an hour.

That has changed drastically throughout my adulthood. Always holding back what I want to say, always thinking before I speak, never as fast as everyone else but always there to reply methodically. It pains me to be so limited in my life and I hope one day I can be free of that and truly speak my mind and not feel like a freak, a weirdo, or odd.

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